Manhattan School of Music Sexual Misconduct Report Form


Manhattan School of Music prohibits the actions which constitute sexual or gender harassment (or other forms of harassment based on a protected category), sexual assault, intimate partner violence and stalking. To make a report of any of these actions you are encouraged to go to Carol Matos, Senior Director of Administration and Human Relations and MSM’s Title IX Coordinator, who is located in room A-427, and who can be reached at However, in order to offer multiple options for making a report, we have created this form as one of those options.

When you fill out this form you are not obligated to provide your name. Please be aware that if you do not provide your name you may limit MSM’s ability to respond to the information you share here, including MSM’s ability to take disciplinary action. However, even an anonymous report would allow us to put the person whose conduct allegedly violated our policy "on notice" and allow the School to make sure he or she understands what constitutes sexual misconduct under our Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Policy.

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Please provide a detailed description of the incident. Make sure to include dates, locations, names of witnesses if appropriate. Please describe any actions, anything pertinent that was communicated verbally, and any actions you or others have taken in response (you may attach additional sheets if necessary) 
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